Charter For Consumers is an independent organisation dedicated to providing consumers with a platform to raise complaints in a fair, honest and constructive manner, with the objective of assisting the business to investigate the complaint, to assist businesses to rectify operating issues and provide the consumer with an appropriate remedy.

All complaints must detail information as follows;

  • Provide accurate information about their identity for verification.
  • The consumer making the complaint must confirm they aren’t in anyway exaggerating the degree of the complaint or acting in a way that may harm the business unfairly.
  • All information provided is truthful and factual.
  • Provide sufficient information about the complaint, some method to demonstrate proof of purchase, information about any persons who are witnesses to the incident(s) that have led to the complaint being filed with
  • Provide full contact details.

Charter For Business

  • 1. Businesses who use these services commit to acknowledge all complaints within a timescale offered upon notification of the complaint. For example, if it is a general matter within 2-5 working days, provided the staff or management who can deal with the problem are available and not on leave Etc.
  • 2. will act in good faith on behalf of both the consumer and the business to ensure the complaint is acknowledged and a remedy if feasible, is made available.

RevieWatchdog distribute information supplied by businesses and consumers about their complaints, they don’t provide any legal advice and aren’t responsible in any way for information published on it’s website for its’ registered users.