Why Review Watchdog™

More than ever before reputation matters. In the new world of online reviews, every customer is a potential critic.
You are only as good as your last review!
  • The World’s only Global Review option that brings fairness to online reviews.
  • Enabling you to deal effectively with complaints
  • Simple process for staff and management to follow
  • Risk List is the only list in the world exposing fake and unfair reviewers
  • Fair Pricing Policy from £0 per month
  • This solution provides a comprehensive approach to manage issues , complaints and reviews
  • VIP Member incentives that will generate new customers and more business
  • Protecting your business and acting as a deterrent for fake reviewers and angry customers
  • Saving time and enabling less trained staff to neutralise a complaint
  • Affordable for every business
  • Reducing bad reviews, protecting your business and reputation
  • Reduce and eliminate the impact of future reviews on your business,
  • Effectively address your historical poor reviews
  • Protect and increase your revenues and profitability


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Research has shown that people lie at least 10 times per week....

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