Faking It

By: Review Watchdog  Date: September-04-2017

How do we know that the review we are reading is 'Real'? Would we consider that the Five Star review we are reading is actually fake and that a business has actually paid a marketing company to write the fake review?

So how do we know which reviews can be relied upon..?

The CMA has taken enforcement action against a SEO and Online Marketing Company who had been found to have written over 800 fake positive reviews for 86 small businesses between 2014 and 2015.

The CMA has also heard of a number of  concerning practises to include businesses or individuals writing or commissioning fake negative reviews and Review sites "cherry-picking" positive reviews or suppressing negative reviews.

 So reviews are really getting quite complicated, we are not just dealing with fake positive reviews, we also have to be sure that a negative review is also real and that the review site is publishing all reviews and not selecting only the positive  ones.